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Welcome to Benjamin Gordon Cambridge Capital Insights

Welcome to the blog of Benjamin Gordon, the founder of Cambridge Capital. Dive into the world of supply chain, logistics, and investment insights as Benjamin shares his wealth of knowledge and experience. Stay updated with the latest trends, innovative strategies, and thought-provoking analyses from a leading expert in the field.

About Benjamin Gordon

Benjamin Gordon

 Benjamin Gordon is the founder of Cambridge Capital, a leading investment firm specializing in the logistics and supply chain sector. With a distinguished academic background from Yale University and Harvard Business School, Benjamin has carved a niche in the industry through his innovative approach and strategic leadership. His expertise in logistics technology was first showcased with the founding of 3PLex, a pioneering logistics e-commerce platform. At Cambridge Capital, Benjamin’s vision and guidance have been instrumental in driving growth and transformation in the logistics and supply chain industry. Beyond his professional achievements, he is known for his commitment to education and philanthropy, supporting various initiatives that foster the development of future leaders.

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